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Can You Change Your Habits?

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Have you ever asked yourself this question? To what extent do we change from day to day and from hour to hour? Here is some food for thought based on scientific research.
The average age of the cells in our body is 7 years.This means that in 7 years time most of the cells in our body will have been replaced. Of course, there are huge differences in the rate of cell replacement among different areas of the body , for example skin surface cells   are only 2 weeks old , liver cells are a year or 2 years old, while heart and brain cells change extremely slowly.
Until 10 years ago, scientists thought that  brain cells didn't change at all, but we now know that there is a process of change and renewal in the areas of the brain involved with memory and learning . Even more important is the fact that we can accelerate the renewal process of an important type of brain cell (the neurons) by means of exercising and physical activities. Moreover we have a significant influence on the strucure of our brain. Scientists have discovered that musicians and taxi-drivers develop and enlarge certain specific areas of the brain involved in their professional activities. For example, (in a study before the GPS era) ,London taxi-drivers were found to have an enlarged area of the brain involved in spatial orientation and navigation, when compared to other people.
Can we change unwanted habits and liberate ourselves from the negative influences of past events? The answer is an unequivocal yes.
Recent research shows that we store our memory of events in one part of the brain and our emotional feelings regarding those events  in another , quite seperate part of the brain. This means that it is possible to separate my memory of an accident that happened to me 10 years ago from the feelings of fear and helplessness that the accident brings to mind. Another finding is that every time we remember a past event, we store it again (like storage on a computer) in our brain "memory disc". The most amazing revelation is that we have a six-hour window of opportunity between the retreival  of an emotional memory and its reconsolidation (storage renewal) during which the emotion associated with the memory can be changed. Scientists have already wiped out fear in mice using the 6 hour window for new learning. This method has now been tried on humans and as a result they succeeded in freeing themselves from the fear memory for at least a year.
At Lotus Guidance for Empowering Change, we use the tools of NLP, for guided imagination, changing limiting beliefs and habits that are no longer useful. Now , you can understand better that making changes in your life ( incliding eliminating unwanted habits) is not just desirable  but completely feasible.  
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