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 What is NLP
NLP is an approach and  methodology which connects us to our inner resources so we can change habits, ways of thinking and behaviour that are no longer any use to us. NLP techniques  can enable us to neutralize unpleasant memories and enrich memories that are useful.Let"s take the resources we already have and channel them to places where they are lacking,
For Example :
A person is like a river in which resources are flowing all the time. Sometimes he encounters an abandoned field, that needs flowing water to be piped in order to irrigate it.In other words, we can say that NLP is a constructive approach with a practical tool box which can be applied in a variety of fields. NLP is a "user"s guide" to the human body and mind . With its help, we can change the way we function.These are tools which enable us to shape our personal, family, social and working lives - so we can feel and be what we want, behave in the manner we like,  and achieve the results we want.There"s a saying in NLP :
 "You never know how far a change will go".

The Methodology
: a variety of techniques for modelling, experiencing, Ericksonian guided imagination, metaphors, and inquiry.
What are the Keys to Excellence

* Outcome/ goal - Know Your OUTCOME
Successful people have a clear picture ( accompanied by feeling,colour, sound as well as appearance) of what they do want to happen to them and what they want to achieve! Usually the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful  people do have a clear concept of what they want and that unsuccessful people don't have.The question is how ( to achieve the desired outcome) and not "if" or 'but" etc. The words : no, but, less, more,apparently, hope, - don't exist in the subconscious! they are inventions of our language.
* Flexibility and Creativity
Henry Ford said "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal". When you don't get the result you want, first change your behaviour, not the goal.

* Sharpen your Senses
In order to achieve your OUTCOME, you have to know if you are getting closer or farther away. It is important to understand the feedback you get. "There is no failure, only feedback"!

Take action, NOW
This is your personal power. Ask "How?" and not "Why?" We have to know when to act and when not to ( by sharpening our senses). What we focus on is what we get. Let's look at an example. Two identical twin brothers are watching the waves (any external event). One of them watches the waves and relaxes. The other one watches the waves and is frightened by them. What happened here? Reality :an external event, that comes in through our senses, passes through filters like : beliefs, values, approaches, decisions, memories, verbal and unverbal language. Through our filters we determine our  Internal Representations, the way we code our experiences and memories. Some people form internal representations from pictures, colours and other visual content. Others form internal representations from their feelings.There are those whose predominant input is auditory : sounds, melodies, tone of voice and words, while others use taste or smell. 
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